Europe Arise Visionaries

Cyril Melotte

Heart for Europe

Cyril Melotte was born in Hasselt, Belgium in 1974.
He became radically born again on January 18, 2013 through a personal encounter with Jesus while he was all alone, in the very night that he had decided to take his own life after numerous personal disappointments and realizing that he had made a complete mess of his life.

After this personal encounter, Cyril was left with 1 question;
“Why did nobody ever tell me about Jesus…?”

Through this Question, Cyril found his calling:
Cyril is an evangelist by calling and he is the visionary that God appointed for Europe Arise.

As a missionary, Cyril planted the 1st branch for RCCG in Bratislava Slovakia, a multi-cultural Church in the heart of Europe, which he and his wife still oversee as pastors couple and functions as their home-base.

Cyril travels as much as possible together with his family as he strongly believe that family is the first ministry and represents the Church at its best. Wherever they go, their desire is to pass on Jesus’ legacy.

Cyril is all in for Jesus and his desire is to transfer that fire inside and spread it worldwide.

Pastor Walter Ononogbu


Walter Ononogbu is a Senior Pastor in RCCG church in The Netherlands. He is married to Pst. (Dr.) Betty Ononogbu. Walter has a great heart for the youths and especially desires to reach the European natives with the Gospel through RCCG, an African based Church that is spread globally into more than 190 countries by now.

His desire is to see the Church transform from “African Church” in Europe to a multi-cultural Church for natives in the various countries as well as expats to find a home with a strong foundation in the Word of God.

He is a father to many young leaders and an excellent facilitator in leading the Europe Arise team.

Andrew Cannon

Gospel Grenades

Evangelist Andrew Cannon lives a life sold out for Jesus, he is the Founder and Director of Gospel Grenades in the United Kingdom.  He was radically set free from a life of addictions and destruction upon his first encounter with Jesus. 

Andrew has lead thousands to The Lord through reaching the lost with the love and power of Christ and encouraging believers to do the same in everyday life.  He travels extensively equipping the church into a lifestyle of Evangelism. Andrew is believing for revival in Europe today.